Thursday, 29 January 2009

Me And How i Become A Blood Sucker

Yes i'm a Vampire. I was born Vampire in 1454. A very very very lomg time ago. I do have a good memory but i do forget my life before i turned. I was 15 when i turned. its a sad story:

i came home from a lovely walk, with the one i loved, to my Mother, Father and Little Brother tided up. befor i could open my mouth, a man grabbed me from behind. He most of hit me with something or druged me because i cant remeber much else untill i awoke tided up with the rest of my family. I can remeber a very pretty lady walking in the room. she said ' what a beautiful girl. can i keep her. ooh please can i keep her. she my pet!.' The man that grabbed me before. walked from out the shadows and said ' yes, you can you can keep the girl. but the rest are food!'
i can remember screaming and screaming as watch my family get eaten alive! But what i didn't no is that i'd become just the same as the ones that kiiled the people i loved.

The Night I Became One Of Them:
They took me to a lake at the bottem of a graveyard. They took wine and Food aswell. They said eat! so i did. After i ate the food and drunk the wine, the woman put her had on my face and said ' say hello to your new mother and farther' she then bit me and drained me of life. i could feel myself dieing. i could feel the blood getting sucked out of me. i felt my eyes closing. it felt like two seconds but it most of been to hours. I awoke in the same place i got bit. I felt hungry. But not like any hunger i had felt before. The women bit her wrist and let her blood drip in my mouth. I i thourght omg this is great, i fell back to sleep.......
i woke up in a bed. a glass of wine was beside my bed, I took a sip and then i spat it back out. the tast of the wines was horrid! the woman came in the room and spoke:
its blood you wont not wine! Go back to sleep, then we will dine!

.................................. i've been a vampire ever since then. any questions ?


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  2. hi miss vampire. thanks for sharing something about yourself, can i be honest with you? i do want to become a vampire myself and i have been researching for quite sometime now and i haven't found any vampires in my place. i hope you can help me, i have a wiccan sister who is helping me to have more knowledge about vampires because she knows i really want to become one. i just have not been able to find how i can become one. hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  3. I was wondering if you have ever turned someone, and if you would turn someone if they were dieing?

  4. it really necessary to die before you'll get bitten? honestly. but it's a great story wish to find someone who's vampire and get bitten

  5. plz make me one ill do any thing

  6. Miss vampire maybe we could meet cause i have a sad story about my family aswell. You see the year was 1576 and i had run away from home. I was lying in an allyway crying then a tall man in all black came to me and said i could help son come with me. Well i did he took me to an old abandon shack and told me to hold still he said it will hurt at first then you will get tired and when you awaken all you problem will drain away. I awoke the next day in the same allyway. I ran home thinking it was a dream but when i got there my home was in flames. I ran in and found my familys bodys burned but then i just barely saw the same man in the smoke of the flames. He took me in and raised me then about a week later i relized i had a bit mark on my neck. Now i live in a complex house in london ontario westminster ave unit #42 come stop by miss vampire i would love to talk to you ask for derrick

  7. cool story but i didnt tell me how i should become one pls give more info pls